1.  The manufacturer grants a 5-year warranty for gypsum tiles imitating decorative stone, commencing on the purchase date, provided that the user makes appropriate sub-base of the surface where the tiles will be placed. Warranty rights are granted (for the merchandise only) at the collection of products provided that the client made full payment within the deadline. Basis for the complaint is an original VAT invoice provided by the client, and the stock issue confirmation document [WZ]. EPIKA-DESIGN undertakes to review the application within 14 business days of the date when it was received by the company. In the case defects are found, the client should refrain from placing the tiles and should file the complaint. The Manufacturer carries-out a visual inspection in the place indicated by the client to assess the grounds for the complaint. In the case of a justified complaint, the defective product will be replaced for new, free of defects within the period and on terms mutually agreed upon. In reasonable cases the manufacturer is entitled to reject warranty obligations if the client knew about the defect when collecting the product, or if the defect is not significant and does not decrease useable value of the product. The manufacturer accepts the following defects under the warranty which he is liable for: defects in the design, workmanship, use of bad quality materials.
  2. Before you start placing the tiles, check if they are not damaged. In such case, notify the seller immediately. If such tiles are placed, no complaints will be accepted. The seller is not liable for mechanical damages within the term of the warranty should such damaged result from faulty prepared surface.
  3. Products damaged as result of unexpected events, e.g. natural disasters, are not subject to the complaint.
  4. Warranty does not cover defects and/or damages to the product resulting from use of improper materials or technology used while placing the Product.
  5. Tiles meet the requirements of European standard PN-EN 15283-2 A1 regarding provisions of EU Directive on Construction Products.
    Each batch of the goods is accompanied by National Declaration of Conformity, which are available at the registered location of the company. Moreover, we issue Quality Certificate to each delivery at the client’s request. Other details on specific assortment are included in the technical specification available at the company’s location.


  1.  Differences in dimensions and appearance of the product.
  2. Defects in the surface layer of the products in result of use.
  3. Changes in colour of the product resulting from the manner of use and influence of weather conditions.
  4. Any possible micro-fractures in the surface resulting from strong shrinkage connected with product maturation.
  5. Differences in structure and colours resulting from manufacturing process and natural variability in colours of raw material used to manufacture products in different periods.


  1. In the case the products are supplied by the company EPIKA-DESIGN, the client undertakes to inspect the delivery (quantity, quality, compliance). Any possible shortages should be written down in the stock issue confirmation document [WZ].
  2. Goods received without any reservations are considered being free of any visible defects.
  3. In the case latent defects are found in the process of the investment execution, the client should refrain from placing the product.
  4. In the case of a delay in the payment, the company EPIA-DESIGN will impose penalty interest at the statutory rate. Payment date shall be the date the money is credited at the company’s account.
  5. If the products are sold on wooden returnable pallets bearing logo of Epika-Design, contractual security deposit is charged. The deposit is repaid after the pallets are returned to the company’s seat. In the case of failure to return the pallet within 60 days of the purchase, the company is not obliged to purchase is at the sale price.
  6. The client is obliged to give any information facilitating fast and proper execution of the order.
  7. The client is obliged to place the order in writing giving all data in compliance with the company’s catalogue. The client bears any additional costs resulting from the change in order being executed, or from wrong information.
  8. In the case of permanent cooperation, terms and conditions of sale are covered by separate agreements.



We reserve the fact that regardless of faithful representation, some pictures in the catalogue may not reflect actual colours and textures.